K-Net Design



Designed for cosmetic surgery clinic “SUE Clinic Ginza”.

We inspected the site before deciding to move into the building, and the client selected a plot with a glass-enclosed terrace on the southeast side and four windows on the southwest side.

When designing the facility, we focused on functionality and safety and created a homely environment where patients, doctors, and staff alike can feel comfortable visiting and receiving treatment, while incorporating natural light and the warmth of wood textures.
There is an entrance hall that looks like the entrance of a house, a reception counter with a tree-shaped ceiling that gives the impression of a gentle welcome, a waiting space with a private box bench, an easy-to-understand layout, and a terrace room where you can feel the greenery of the open space. It is also used as a space where you can take a break after treatments, or have a meeting or study session. A fun nursery room was also planned so that patients could receive treatment without worrying about their children.

We look forward to this space to support their great services as the clinic for health and beauty.

Hasegawa, Yamane