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Nobuo Fujimura

Nobuo Fujimura


Born in Niigata Prefecture, Fujimura graduated from the Department of Design, Faculty of Art and Design, Tama Art University in 1981 and joined NOMURA KOGEISHA Co., Ltd. In 1992, he transferred to Node Corporation within the group, where he served as its representative from 2006 to 2019. At the same time, from 2013 to 2019, he also served as the representative of NODE (Beijing) Japan Inc. and Node Spatial Design Consulting (Shanghai) Co. He has been involved in the design and direction of complex development projects such as Sogo & Seibu Department Stores, LOFT, and station building development. He has also worked on numerous overseas projects in Singapore, Korea, China, and other countries.


+Farm – Tokyo, Japan
2019 to Present
President/Creative Director- Closely collaborated with clients to meet their needs, design standards and objectives.

NODE Co.,Ltd. – Tokyo, Japan
1992 to 2019
On 2006, President and Executive Director -Directed in projects on all domestic and International projects.
Environmental design direction for Sogo & Seibu department stores, The MALL, LOFT, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ nationwide, redevelopment of Tokyo metropolitan area, SC development of regional urban facilities, Osaka & Nagoya station building development, and other mixed-use development projects.

NODE Japan Corporation, Beijing, China
2013-2019: President and Executive Director

NODE Shanghai Co.,Ltd. Shanghai, China
2016-2019: President and Executive Director
Beijing Wangfujing Department Store (Group) Co.,Ltd., BEIJING HUALIAN GROUP, Guiyang Xingli Group Co.,Ltd., DASHANG GROUP.,Ltd., GoerGroup Co.,Ltd, New World Development Co.,Ltd

Nomura Co., Ltd. Tokyo, Japan
1981-1992 Planning, design and design of department stores, shopping centers and commercial complex redevelopment plans.
Seibu Department Stores and commercial facilities within the Saison Group.


Department of Design, Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan

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